Bolt-On Safety

Tank Service, Inc. has adopted the Standfast TRAM safety system to make accessing ISO tanks the safest in the market. 

Tank Service's exclusive Bolt-On Safety Kit incorporates the TRAM into an access system for tank containers that makes the whole operation of climbing and working on top of tank containers smooth and completely safe, especially when combined with a bolt-on safety ladder. These components are part of the Tank Service Inc. Bolt-On Safety product line.  Learn More

This is our top-of-the-line offering. ISO TRAM is the only system in the world that protects the user while transferring from the ladder to the top of the tank. When connected to ISO TRAM, you cannot fall.

This system allows a worker to connect a harness to the Tram arm before crossing over the plane on top of the tank. Includes complete Tram module and Tram rail with brackets and hardware. Can be field installed in about an hour with two workers provided the tank has a top side rail. Bolt-on safety ladder sold separately. 

While other height safety systems will arrest a free fall, they can expose the user to suspension trauma or the risk of hitting obstacles while falling. TRAM overcomes this safety issue while also reducing the likelihood and consequence of a fall on the same level.

There have been no fatalities and no injuries reported by organizations using TRAM. The system has prevented falls that would have otherwise resulted in serious injury or death.

The Tram System has been tested to and conforms with the relevant fall restraint and fall arrest testing requirements of:

AS/NZS 1891.1

Price: $5,896.18

tram System - Removable


Tram System