Bolt-On Safety

Complete Bolt-On Safety Superstructure​​

bolt-on safety superstructure

Complete bolt-on safety system

Tank Service, inc. Tank Container Bolt-on Safety System

This custom fabricated system is for applications where the fall protection system needs to be portable so that it can be moved from one container to the next. This system offers fork pockets that can be easily accessed by positioning on top of any 20' container and locking into place. Includes 2' wide section of walkway grating along full length. Incorporated Tram system provides tie-off points for harness and includes belt harness. Can be installed by one worker with a forklift. 

Price: $9,497.81 Complete Tram System with Belt Harness

​           $5,172.22 Handrails Only (Tram Not Included)

Tank Service, Inc. joins with the TRAM system in making access to ISO containers safe

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