Bolt-On Safety

ISO tank handrails

Collapsible hand rails from Tank Service attach directly to the right (curb) side of the walkway platform, and can be installed in the field in just a couple of hours with two workers.  While not an OSHA-caliber guard rail due to size and strength of its structural members, it can scissor down so that it can remain fastened to the tank during transport, and provides a holding rail for balance. If your tank is fitted with a full catwalk platform, hand rails may be fitted to each side.  

Price: $799.25 each per side

Collapsible Handrail Systems

Collapsible Hand Rail System -


Collapsible Hand Rail System -

collapsible handrail system

This system attaches permanently (welded) to top frame structure of the ISO tank container and includes staircase.  While not an OSHA-caliber rail due to height and size of its structural members, it folds down for height clearance during transport, and offers better protection than removable handrails.  **Cannot stack on top of tank once installed.** 

Price: $5,910.23 with staircase / $2,973.72 no staircase‚Äč